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The Simple Home Life Management Skillshop

Attention all household and family managers 
Do you pine for a simple home life
Are you wondering how to get a handle on all the busyness
of your household and family's life? 
How do you engage them in cleaning the house, 
cooking meals, organizing events, etc.?  Discover tools to assist you with:
-- Enlisting your family’s support
-- Cleaning schedules & equipment for young and teenage children 
-- Pet Care 
-- Laundry care 
-- Meal planning
-- Monthly chore planning
-- Extra curricular activities
-- Yard care
-- Planning vacations
-- Household budgets
-- Open and honest communication with your family
-- Children and the money path

Attend this event and discover what will literally free you from the stress that takes place in managing your home and family. 

Elizabeth Keefe, a business woman, art educator, popular creative success coach, seminar leader, community volunteer and home school MOM will facilitate you through this journey of managing your household with more ease

Elizabeth’s background includes teaching people how to live a more creative, balanced life through embracing their creative talents. Elizabeth founded the Discover the Artist Within™ Educators skillshop and facilitates educators in learning creative techniques for use in the classroom. She has volunteered over the last 12 years in public and private schools teaching children to become aware of their creative talents, and is active in helping organize and facilitate at international seminars and conferences. 

Elizabeth has been instrumental in creating operational systems for businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations. As her family grew and she became busier, Elizabeth found she needed to develop a system that would ease her stress thereby making for a simple home life and happy family. Through research and practical application she created a simple, fun, stress free system for her family which included her husband and their four children. She then shared this system with friends and collegues who aligned with the practical application and the simplicity of it. It was suggested that she GO PUBLIC with the information. 

Tell your Circle of Friends.

Date and Location To Be Announced.

Pre-registration online: $99.00 per person $159.00 per couple $249.00 Family 

On site registration:
Cash or credit card only $129.00 per person $189.00 per couple $279.00 Family 

Minimum age of attendees – 14 years